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The Saint's Folded Horn Subwoofer Project


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The Saint's Folded Horn Subwoofer Project

Painting and Finishing
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This design is based on picture of Steve Deckert's W032 design which he developed in the early 1990's.  I designed the sealed chambers to match the Response CS2274 Titanium 10" drivers (30 litres) and extrapolated to a manageable 900 x 600 mm dimensions.  The height turned out to be dictated by the subwoofer plate amp I already owned (AA0508).

Driver  Re/sponse CS2274
Vas 29.550 litres
Qts 0.502  
Qes 0.534  
fs 33.3 Hz
Xmax 9.00 mm
Dia. 25.40 cm
PEMax 125 watts

It is setup up for use as a coffee table with a 15mm glass top resting on rubber seals on the top of the enclosure.

Because you can see the workings inside, as another talking point, I have built in a couple of 8" cold cathode UV lights with a sound module controlling to give some animation to the new glass-topped coffee table.  The cables running in the sealed chambers have an electroluminescent coating which glow under the UV pulses.

Click on the diagram above for the full diagrams in PDF format.  Contact me if you need an imperial measurements version or the plans in another format.

If you find the plans useful and you build yourself one, please make a donation.

I'll add more pages and photos as things progress.

 Email me if you have any questions...


Mark Taylor

The Gourmet Saint

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